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1208 W Magnolia Ave. Suite 224
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1208 W Magnolia Ave. Suite 224
Fort Worth, TX 76104

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After 20 years as a professional stylist, successful business owner , educator and mother of 3, I found myself exhausted. I knew there was something more.

In 2000 I began a dedicated yoga , mediation and NIA practice. This helped me get back into my body and gave me tools to begin an inward journey. During this course of exploration I found Rolfing ®. It not only helped my physical body but returned to me an inner strength and vitality that had been lost. I found a new way of relating to myself and others. I had old injuries and traumas that no longer limited me and I felt energized physically and emotionally. I began to cope with the demands of my life in a new way and felt more grounded, centered, resiliant and joyful. Rolfing ® ignited a deep desire to grow myself and to assist others in this very profound process.

I began my studies at the European Rolf Institute ® in Munich Germany in 2006 and completed my certifications in Boulder Colorado in 2008. While in the process of the training I studied additional curriculum in BioMechanics taking me around the country and to study in Sao Paulo Brazil. I have additionally attended workshops focusing on the male pelvis and scoliosis and in 2009 I will begin training for my certification in Rolf Movement ® and visceral work.