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We already know manual therapy can produce profound personal and physical change, but how and why?

When practitioners make contact with clients, they interact with the whole nervous system via a sensing layer that bridges the external with the internal, where it then assesses short and long term significance. Embryologically, this outer sensitive membrane—the skin—is the exposed brain. We are literally wrapped in brain.

Within the body’s entirety, the nervous system is foundational. It’s roles for human function are innumerable to regulate and integrate the body-self. They range from the more common responsibilities (ex: body position,  and movement, tone, and coordination) to the more obscure (ex: the ability to predict, contemplate, and modulate emotions and pain).  

In this class, we will examine the evidence for how and why manual therapies create change, from profound, to modest, to none at all. We’ll weave together clinical observations and the host of convergent evidence from neurophysiology, pain science, touch science, and placebo research. We will also debunk some common assumptions held in the fields of manual therapy and therapeutic movement, putting some sacred cows out to pasture.

DNM is a systems-thinking approach that strengthens practitioners’ reasoning skills to better strategize treatment and develop effective therapeutic relationships. As an up-to-date explanatory model and practice viewed through a biopsychosocial framework, DNM is applicable to people with and without pain.

DNM—a hands-on interactive approach—considers the nervous system of the client from skin cell to sense of self. Although ranging from light to deep, hand-holds are slow, intelligent, responsive, and effective. This class is appropriate for practitioners of all disciplines and levels of experience in manual therapy.


Instructor: Rey Allen
Assistant: Michael Polon

Redmond, WA
Dates: May

4-day class, lecture and practicum
Cost: $695 early bird; $745 one-month prior
To register, contact William Shinsan Griswold at  


New York City
Dates: April 21-23
3-day class, lecture and practicum
Cost: $595 early bird; $645 one month prior
To register, contact Minki Kim at