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Marie Zahn

Marie Zahn

For most of my life, I’ve found greatest expression in art and movement and felt most at home in nature. I started dance classes at the age of three but also enjoyed creative projects with my hands like drawing or pottery. With a background in dance and art, but also having a knack for science, I’ve discovered the importance of marrying these two seemingly opposing forces. My practice in Rolfing is exactly this. I am able to creatively use my hands to influence structure and movement, while maintaining a scientific lens at the same time.


Studies and Influences

Although I consider myself intuitive in my approach, I have a strong foundation in the sciences. I am constantly attending courses and workshops for personal and academic studies. Over the past few years, I have studied and been heavily influenced by osteopathy (especially visceral manipulation), neuroscience (specifically in regards to pain), meditation and Buddhist philosophies, and cell biology.


Rolfing Certification, European Rolfing Association 2012
DNM Practitioner 2014
B.A., Columbia University 2016