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1208 W Magnolia Ave. Suite 224
Fort Worth, TX 76104


Rey Allen


1208 W Magnolia Ave. Suite 224
Fort Worth, TX 76104

First Rolfing Appointment
with consultation - 90 min.

Follow up sessions - 60 min.
(Extended sessions are available if needed)

All consultations/assessments - 30 min.
No cost, no obligation. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to learn how I clinically reason and would strategize treatment for your intended goals.

Cash, Check, PayPal and Venmo accepted. Sorry, no credit cards.

Few insurance companies reimburse for Rolfing® but nearly all flexible spending accounts will.

Please note, there I have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

Registered Massage Therapist, 1995
European Rolfing Association, 2002
Certified Advanced Rolfer, 2009 and again in 2011
DermoNeuroModulating (DNM) trained, 2013

About me:
I recently moved back to Fort Worth after living in NYC for the past 10 years where I had a thriving practice. NYC was instrumental in my professional development. My journey over the past two decades has included extensive studies in anatomy, biomechanics, and the neurophysiology of pain.

My approach includes a range of touch, from light to deep, with hand-holds that are slow, intelligent, and responsive.

Our bodies are shaped by many factors. Our genetics, environment, diet, activity, stressors, injuries, habits, beliefs, and present attitudes all play a role. In turn, the expressions of these become our postural and movement patterns—our physical identity if you will.


Rolfing is about change. In providing a new kinesthetic experience we are able to interrupt habitual patterns that lead to tension and pain. We investigate the contributing factors of your discomfort—like chronic aches and/or tension—and develop an understanding of their nature and make the appropriate changes in your daily habits in order for something more functional to emerge. Basically, Rolfing is an experience of self-awareness put into practice.

To fully experience Rolfing a series of sessions is conducted, usually a dozen sessions, sometimes more or less. With an attuned quality of touch, we will apply various degrees of pressure. My goal is to give the necessary input and space for the inherent self-correction and regulation to take place, resulting in less constriction and greater freedom of movement.

For information on available courses taught on DNM please visit my teaching website DermoNeuroModulating (DNM)