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Client testimonials

"I first started seeing Rey after reading an article about Rolfing and his work in the New York Times, which was written like a tantalizing invitation for me to finally discover a way out of my chronic back pain and frequent migraines (twice a month for up to 4 days at a time). I had been living with upper back pain for a decade before I first saw Rey. I had tried an osteopath who injected lidocaine shots in my trigger points; saw several acupuncturists; and also went for cranio-sacral therapy. The pain was consuming my entire life. Each day, I woke up because of the pain, and then hobbled through the day before going to sleep with exhaustion. Rey helped me go from waking up in the morning from the pain, to waking up and then having pain a little later, to waking up and then not having any pain at all! Having lived with that pain for so long, I did not think it was possible to be free. Rey is gifted, calm, and supportive. He listens to your words and your body, responding to each in a holistic way that allows me to re-assess my feelings and my thoughts. Each session provides a morsel that leads to my true self. Thank you."


"I've been seeing Rey for more than two years and my experience with him has been hugely positive. At first I was going frequently but now my alignment is so much improved that I just go for "tune ups". Rey is a warm, smart and lively person. Naturally gifted.

Even though he is very advanced in his practice, Rey constantly reads and studies and incorporates his new knowledge into his work. He loves what he does and takes a serious intellectual interest in it. His approach is both scientific and intuitive. He doesn't adhere to the rather strict doctrine around Rolfing (for example I didn't do the typical 10 series with him, which was a decision we made together) because his knowledge of techniques extends into other areas, like visceral manipulation. He is more than just a Rolfer.

To address one of the critiques I read in someone else's review on yelp: Rey does talk a lot--often his own experiences--and that may not suit everybody, but I personally appreciate the openness, particularly because its matched by being a good listener. He asks questions and has been interested in addressing the emotions that led to my body's (mis)alignment in the first place. Posture isn't just a matter of mechanics, it's also an expression of one's mental and emotional state -- how you carry yourself in the world. It is no accident then that since working with Rey my emotional life has improved in parallel with my physical life."

T. A.

"My experience with Rolfing has been very growth inducing. After getting Rolfed, my hips now swing as I walk. I feel much more stable and not so tipsy when I move. I used to have one or two migraines a week. Medication would stop them, but the number of occurrences remained the same. After getting Rolfed, the samples of the medication I used to take are almost expired. I also suffered from an almost continuous ache in one hip. I would have an Osteopathic manipulation every two to three weeks. Since undergoing the Rolfing process I no longer experience the discomfort any more. I recommend Rolfing to everyone. My only regret is that I did not start this earlier."

Ann P.

"Rey is the first Rolfer I have gone to (and would ever go to). After Rey first helped my adult son with his chronic pain I decided it was my turn. First, Rey breathes, eats, and lives Rolfing! He is dedicated to his clients and his profession. Rey is a natural teacher and the more he learns the better his clients are for it, and he's always learning. He is very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate and his curiosity is contagious! Rey has helped me in many aspects of my life; physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Angela D.

"A close friend referred me to Rey -- someone who was also a client. I had experienced Rolfing 15 years ago when it was essentially a "no pain, no gain," protocol. My work with Rey over 7 months was instrumental in unlocking my lower back, ribs, torso and neck/shoulder areas, which were all locked up and had little movement or flexibility. Each session was unique in terms of the areas Rey focused on and his feedback and curiosity about movement, space and body mechanics. His understanding of the connection between mind and body and the feedback loop was very revealing and supportive of my healing. We did a lot of deep but also subtle work. I found that after only a couple of sessions, Rey's techniques and ability to resolve my holding patterns enabled me to experience a lot more movement and freedom in my body. This beautiful work has also affected my emotional state in terms of being more open and accepting of myself and others. I would highly recommend Rey (and I have!) to those interested in exploring a stronger body-mind connection. Thank you, Rey!"

Leslie T.

"There are many good things I can say about Rey, so I'll start with the fact that in initially contacting him, he was professional, prompt and responsive. He also has a very user-friendly website to set up appointments and make sure you are confirmed for your set time. The main reason for my visit to Rey was that my arms were falling asleep every night when I slept and it was driving me nuts. As part of my job, I worked overseas in the Security sector, and routinely wore approx. 25-45lbs of body armor, depending on the day, so I had numerous bio-mechanical forces that were working against me. I worked long hours with the extra weight on my torso and I was in a cramped vehicle most of the time with very poor posture and ergonomics, or rather- no ergonomics. I was also having problems with my mid back (thoracic vertebrae) and sometimes lumbar. I ran a lot and I was also having problems that bled into my running and overall I just felt like my body was very out of whack. I believe I did a total of 12 + visits with Rey and some sessions we had to work on specific areas longer than we thought. Rolfing is nothing like you can imagine if you have not done it. It's not massage or pressure points, or anything of the sort. Its different, unique and above all it works- and you will see results. Over the course of my visits with Rey, he often educated me on what I should be thinking day in and day out, addressing my posture and gait. He provides much more than just a 60 or 90 min session, he is genuinely interested in your overall health and well being and gives you advice that may be applicable in those areas that he is working on, so that you can get the most out of the work. Approximately, one month after my last visit with Rey nearly ALL the symptoms and chronic problems were gone. I walked different, my running felt incredibly better, more efficient and I had better energy. All the nighttime numbness was gone. But, one thing that prompted me to write was this. I GREW 1 INCH! Yes, one full inch. I know many of you may read this and think its some "Rey Allen" Advertisement, but all I can say is, you are welcome to email me if you wish for further information or to verify this. I had no less than a half dozen life long friends ask me what was up, and comment on the fact that I "looked taller". After hearing this about 3 X from others, I measured myself and I went from 6'0 to 6'1". I have never been 6'1" in my life and all my medical records state such. This was truly amazing and from what I have learned , can often be a result that one gets from the work. We did not plan on this, but freeing up all the tension and the lengthening of the spine, just created that reality. My posture and gait have changed significantly. Another thing about Rey is that he is one of the true professionals that continually compliments his training by attending continual education and advanced Rolfing seminars. He is one of the few that have completed Rolfing training to such a high level and his knowledge shows it. I highly recommend him for any body work that you are looking at doing. If you are seeing a Chiropractor or get massage work regularly, but not getting the results you want, I would highly suggest additionally working with Rey. Be patient, the work takes time and sometimes you will feel horrible after a session. Rey will explain why and how it all works, but in the end you will be a different person. He is a consummate professional and very skilled at his practice. I truly hope you have the opportunity to work with him."

Steven Rosenthal, 43

"I've been working with Rey Allen for a bit over a year after reading about his work and client success stories in the NY Times. I suffer fromchronic pain due to Lyme disease and have tried many, many therapies to find relief from frozen muscles and painful joints.

Rolfing is literally the first and only therapy to address *all* of the muscular and skeletal system dysfunction issues that I have experienced (I do a number of other therapies for other lyme issues). The process and transformation have been swift and dramatic. Rey's approach is thoughtful, academic, and sensitive. He is committed to his craft, and is dedicated to learning as much as possible to bring his clients the highest level of care.

His studio is calm and serene and is conveniently located.

The results of my work with Rey have been long lasting and have released me from many of the most debilitating health issues that I have suffered from. There have been a number of unintended positive results, too. I am more mobile, stand taller, and generally feel more balanced and emotionally well. Many people have commented that I look healthier, happier, and younger. An added bonus!"

Bella R.

"If I could give Rey a million stars, I would. For nearly two decades, my body has been plagued by old injuries, chronic stiffness and tightness from years of running, playing sports, dancing and manual labor. I grew up on a farm and played Division I sports on artificial turf (Yick!).

Since many of my first pain symptoms appeared in my sophomore year in high school, I have invested quite a lot of time, money, and energy, into similar health alternatives from physical therapy, to chiropractic, to yoga, to acupuncture and found great benefit from all of them. However every time I would cease any of them, in particular chiropractic and yoga, the pain would always return. It was getting to the point that my back was aching virtually all the time.

I'd heard about Rolfing before, but I had lost the insight somewhere along the way. I was in Las Vegas about nine months ago, getting massage, and the masseur recommended that I try Rolfing.

Immediately, after I returned to New York, I searched online and found Rey. His location couldn't be more accessible. He is effortlessly kind, unassuming and creates a safe, trusting, comfortable environment that I have never experienced the likes of before.

First, I went for the basic 10 or so sessions, and my body and legs became more integrated and effortlessly mobile. I took a break from it for a few months to let my body settle and now I am back with weekly sessions once again. This time, we are focusing on the finer details and every week I feel more and more loose and free. My body feels more youthful and supple than since I was a young girl. When I do some sort of exercise or manual labor, my body doesn't stay sore for very long, if at all. Flying used to be very hard on my body and mind, and now when I arrive I feel so much more grounded and less achy and swollen.

In addition, doing this finer detailed work, has helped me see many insights into behavior patterns that are not helpful to living my best life. I have begun to create the kind of life I have always wanted to have and I very much think Rolfing has been a huge part of these developments.

Yes, Rolfing is not an inexpensive investment, but a wise investment it is indeed. What price can anyone put on an easier, more effortless way of life, and a happy, healthy, glowing body? I think none. It is the wisest investment I have ever made. I have the intention of eventually helping my entire family experience the joy that Rolfing brings.

Don't give it a second thought. If you have $240 somewhere to spare, GO!!"

Jessicka C.

"I went through the Rolfing sessions with Rey in 2006 after getting a recommendation from a friend of mine who had previously gotten Rolfed by Rey.

My results were amazing. I had always kind of had a "dowager's hump" - I guess my neck was out, and I had tissue buildup. I've had it since high school. When driving I couldn't put my head back on the headrest without it being really uncomfortable. That "hump" (I always HATED it and when I would ask dr./chiropractor about it, and they would call it a dowager's hump - yuck) has flattened out. I am also about an inch taller.

My structure/posture has changed for the better. I feel a lot better about my body.

And all his work stuck. It's been a couple of years since I had the sessions.

Try it out if you have neck pain or bad posture or just want your body to be better."

Jennifer L.

"Rey, I just wanted to thank you for helping me. Your usage of the Rolfing technique has unlocked so many problems that have ailed me for too long. It is an almost unbelievable system of healing. I have been to acupuncturists, chiropractors, doctors, and massage therapists of varying styles. None have come close to the exchange that I have received from our short time together. The presence and ease I have come to in my body has raised my level of vitality and overall sense of peace. I wish everyone could experience this type of bodywork. Many, many thanks."

Justin W.

"My journey through Rolfing has been wonderful. It has enabled me to become truly present with my feelings for the first time in a long while. The work has a profound effect on the body, emotions and spirit. In July, when we began the Rolfing, my back was very slumped over and my legs were very crooked. The arches in my feet were too high and my chest was extremely restricted. I was a total mess! As we worked in opening up my physical body a lot of emotional pain was released. Through the years I stored what seemed like a lot of pain in those tissues. As they were released I had the opportunity to feel and heal. FEELING IS HEALING!!! I no longer need the pain. I am more self confident, standing more in my power and have been making wiser decisions. I have more freedom of self-expression from my heart. After three months of Rolfing my back is aligned and my arches are balanced allowing my feet to contact the ground. My neck looks and feels great, my rib cage is open. I really am in my body and experiencing it for the first time in my life. I feel good and believe this is very spiritual work. I didn't realize I had my spirit so cramped up inside, now that my body is open, I have more room for my spirit. Actually, it's a little scary, I have never experienced life as an open person before, I'm 50 yrs old and very determined to do life differently for the second half!!! More Joy!!! More Play!!! Chilling Out!!"

Susan N.